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Donny Edwards, a U.S. Army Veteran, is the founder of Hunger Has No Religion (HHNR).  Recently retired in 2016, Donny decided to move from service to his country to serving his fellow man.  A man who is no stranger to hardship and homelessness, Donny has always kept the memory of his own personal struggles and hard work close to his heart and used it as fuel to someday give back to this community.  Retiring as a Sergeant First Class, he had built a foundation of community service and support that would prepare him to take on this great task of helping, serving and improving the lives of the many homeless veterans and less fortunate of the Metro Atlanta area.

Donny Edwards has been a faithful member of the volunteer community for more than 10 years. Giving his time to organizations such as Feeding the Homeless Project, Service Without Walls and as of recent Hosea Feed the Hungry. His selflessness has been acknowledged and rewarded by his superiors within the U.S. Army with the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal.  He was also bestowed a namesake award by Feeding the Homeless Project, Inc. and the Founder Hugh Pafford, which is called the Donny Edwards Award for Dedication, Commitment and Compassion.  This award is given to an outstanding volunteer recipient on a yearly basis since 2013.  Even with the tireless work he places in HHNR, Donny never forgets to give of his time to the other organizations through feedings, clothing drives and more.  A true passion to help.

Donny has enlisted the help of some volunteers but the most admirable is that of the children.  Not only does Donny include his own children whenever possible to volunteer he has also gained the attraction of Holcomb Bridge Middle School in Roswell Georgia. The middle school hosts an annual hygiene drive for one month each year to support the efforts of HHNR.

In the midst of building his non-profit organization Donny found the time to start and finish his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.   A great milestone in the life of a man who dropped out of high school as he faced the various hardships that teenagers experience, Donny was determined to get his college education.  This degree not only set precedence for what he could accomplish, it also helps him move his organization forward to unmeasured success.

IMG_2934Donny’s vision when he started Hunger Has No Religion, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization since 2015, was to provide hygiene items and donated clothing for our homeless community including veterans as well as the less fortunate.  Donny and his most faithful assistant Ti Hodges, both have worked tirelessly to collect and continuously gather proceeds needed for operating expenses and to ensure HHNR is able to provide the needed hygiene items. They have enlisted the support from local businesses to do hygiene drives where patrons would drop off needed items in a 30 day time span.  Donny continues to recruit friends and family to donate their time, hygiene products and gently worn clothing when available. It has been a full community effort and it continues to grow.